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Workout plans

that really works 

Join BubbleCoach today!

Pick one of the plans and get access to workout that will change your fitness routine forever. 

our bestseller

29 €

A complete 12 week workout plan 

GroundZero plan
something new

29 €

A complete 8 week plan for post-partum

Six reasons to start 

Because the only bad workout

is the one you missed!


Detailed workout plan that will deliver a stronger you in just 12 weeks


Adjustable to your current Fitness and mental level. Because exercise should be fun.


Easy to follow plan with picture guides and explanation for every exercise


You don't need a gym or a lot of space, to finish your daily workout goals 


No need for an expensive gym membership or heavy equipmnet

to start


A workout plan that works and is designed to be sustainable for long term success

About our best selling 
BubbleButt plan

Contrary to what some might suggest, the gym isn’t the only place you can make sizeable strength and muscle tone gains as part of an exercise routine.In fact, your living room carpet is just as suitable as the gym floor – providing you have the right plan.


Lucky we’re here to steer you to success with this three-month home workout plan designed to deliver a fitter, stronger you.

Is BubbleButt

the right plan for you? 

Working out doesn’t have to be a time-consuming and expensive part of your life.


Our program is developed to adjust to your needs and lifestyle. Wether you are a stay-home mom, working full time office job or a travel nomad, it adjusts to you.

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History of 

„The BubbleButt program is based on my experience as a professional athlete, several years of education and self-testing. After almost ten years of perfecting it, I am proud to say that it works and it what is most important – it works in the long run.


Today I know that running is not enough to create the physique of your dreams. Diets don’t work either, and most of them cause more damage than good.

There is also the fact, that time set aside for sport must be reasonable, otherwise it is not realistic to catch up with other responsibilities. Living a busy life can be discouraging from setting a workout goal, and sticking to it can be hard to manage.


The experience of a being a professional athlete, then having a job and finally becoming a mom led me to create a program that incorporates two very important aspects. It is efficient in reaching your physical and fitness goals while taking your work, family and personal life into consideration.”

- Katarina Benek 
Founder of BubbleCoach

What clients say: 

"Very easy to follow. And the results?!
Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I never felt so good before. I recommend!"
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