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History of BubbleCoach

„The BubbleButt program is based on my experience as a professional athlete, several years of education and self-testing. After almost ten years of perfecting it, I am proud to say that it works and it what is most important – it works in the long run


Today I know that running is not enough to create the physique of your dreams.

Diets don’t work either, and most of them cause more damage than good. 

There is also the fact, that time set aside for sport must be reasonable, otherwise it is not realistic to catch up with other responsibilities. Living a busy life can be discouraging from setting a workout goal, and sticking to it can be hard to manage. 


The experience of a being a professional athlete, then having a job and finally becoming a mom led me to create a program that incorporates two very important aspects. It is efficient in reaching your physical and fitness goals while taking your work, family and personal life into consideration.”

-Katka Benek, founder of BubbleCoach

Online Workout

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Alexa Young, CA

Great program, very easy to follow, 
and the results?! Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I never felt so good before."

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