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The secret of a flat and toned stomach


Probably the most common question about exercise and weight loss is, „How do I lose my belly fat and how can I get a toned stomach?“

This article will tell you that you don’t have to do 500 sit-ups per day. And if you do them, it’s useless. And also, how do you lose weight from that belly? 🙂

I have no doubt that each of us has tried on our own skin that losing weight from the waist and stomach is the most difficult to do. I have bad news. You cannot choose from which part of our body you will lose weight and from which you don’t. Don’t get fooled by any advertising on TV for training program, special exercise, unique massage, magical pills or tea and etc.

You have to reduce the total volume of fat and the body breaks down gradually and evenly from all parts. Unfortunately for us women – it always seems more unfair as we don’t want to give up on our breasts but hope for some waist fat loss. You will not lose weight and form a lean, firm and well-developed body in a day, but here are a few things you need to change or eliminate in order to succeed:

1.) Avoid any processed foods. (chocolate, chips, biscuits, pizza, fast food, ready-packed meals, etc.)

They have a high content of fat, sugar, salt and also a high glycemic index. The feeling of satiety comes very late and therefore we will never stay with one piece. Very often, their consumption is supplemented by a super-sweetened drink. No matter how you exercise and run, a flat and well-developed stomach has no chance. There’s an oft-used saying that „Abs are made in the kitchen”. Avoid fatty foods and highly processed foods. Replace them with healthy fats that can even help you lose weight if you eat them in moderation, of course – fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel), avocado, nuts (5-10 a day) and seeds (flax, pumpkin, sunflower).

2.) You don’t sleep enough

Even though you probably often say that you have to finally go to bed, because you are always tired in the morning, there is another important reason why you should finally do it. Lack of sleep causes lower production of the hormone leptin, which gives us a feeling of satiety. But on the other hand, the hormone ghrelin, the hormone of hunger, is produced. Try to reach 8-9 hours of sleep.

3.) You are permanently stressed.

Sure. Who is not under stress? If you are not the Dalai Lama, it is normal that you sometimes have stressful days or situations – at work, at school or at home (some days everywhere at once). However, too frequent and constant stress causes high levels of the hormone cortisol and belly fat goes down harder. Another consequence is that in stress we more often tend to buy something that satisfies us either quickly or emotionally. And we crave junk food – burger, pizza, chips, cookies. I know that stress resolution is not easy to find. But try to work to make your everyday life calmer and don’t worry about everything. Try to find a way to control stress – walking, meditation, motivational sentence, etc. And most importantly, you do not deal with stress by eating and overeating. Prepare for similar situations and plan in advance. You still have your goal!

4.) You only do cardio.

You run for hours and hours, you alternate a stationary bike with a simulator and nothing. There will be nothing. Cardio training is of course great for burning fat, improving fitness and also relieving stress. But you will never tone your stomach out of it unless you include strength training. On the contrary, with too much cardio you actually burning your own muscles. The BubbleCoach training program is an excellent combination of strength and cardio training. It will provide you with lean, strong muscles and fat loss. In combination with a balanced diet your figure will get stronger, fit, and shaped, but will remain slim, without a massive gain of muscle mass!

5.) You only train “sit ups“.

Again, you can even do more damage with this decision. As I wrote above, such a thing as losing weight from one particular body part don’t exist. There are much more effective weight loss exercises than sit ups. In addition, with classic sit ups, you strengthening only the upper part of your body, and this is not enough for a nice outlined slim waist. When focusing on one part of the body, you will not achieve the same result as when you include several movements and train muscles from several angles. By involving all the muscles – Core – the centre of the body (imagine the muscles of the belly, hips and back), you can achieve a flat and elaborate belly much faster!

The BubbleCoach training program (you can download HERE) focuses on all parts of the body and also on fat reduction. It’s variability during twelve weeks does not allow the body to get used to individual combinations and therefore you always work on yourself effectively. Here is a small tasting of a combination of exercises that attack the belly fat and helps to build beautiful toned stomach. Give it a try and then let me know in the comments how Do you like it!

Repeat the series 3 times with 2-minute breaks

10 x Squat-Touch-Jump (5 on each side)(put your hand on the ground and make a good jump)

10 x Pendulum (put your feet from one side to the other, keep a right angle with your body)

2 x 5 Burpees (30 seconds rest in the middle)

10 x Bent leg jack knives

10 x Russian twist (adhere to 45 degrees angle of the body from the pad, turn the body from side to side)

You can download the complete three-month BubbleCoach training plan HERE.

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