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ATTENTION: This is not a specific diet plan (it contains only 1 sample day), because I want to allow you to create your own healthy weight loss diet at any time. You will no longer need consultants to create your diet and eat the same meals that someone else "prescribes" for you. You will create your meals from foods that you like or that are available to you. This is a middle ground between looking at calorie charts for each meal and intuitive eating. The former is usually something few people want to do, and conversely, eating intuitively without tracking calories often doesn't produce results.

I've done the calorie tracking for you. YES, you will have to weigh the basics but the meal prep system is set up really simply.

The most important thing for me in putting this guide together was to have as much variety and variability in the meals as possible, so that despite the caloric deficit, you don't worry and can enjoy the meals that work for you. The calorie deficit is set so that although you lose weight, you don't destroy your body and also your psyche. GET LEAN - does not leave out any of the macro or micro nutrients - you don't have to give up side dishes, meat, fruits. 💪👙👍

GET LEAN Reduction diet guide for women 154-209lbs

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